Young Reporters for the Environment at home is a challenge set to help raise awareness of the environmental issue of plastic waste. There are three categories of competition (article writing, video and photography) which can carried out from home.

  • Video
    Create a 2-minute video showing a creative way to reduce plastic in the home and why you think it is important.
    Have you got a creative idea to reduce the amount of plastic waste in your house? Are you proud of how little plastic you throw away? Have you reused old plastic in an interesting away?

    Create a video to showcase how you are reducing plastic waste at home. A good idea would be to also explain why we need to reduce plastic waste in the first place. Get as creative as you like but keep your video under two minutes!

  • Photography
    Take a photograph that raises awareness of the issue of plastic pollution and waste. A good photograph needs to be eye catching. Maybe something inspiring, or something thought provoking, perhaps a photo that tells a story or an image that shocks.

    For this competition we are looking for a photograph that grabs the attention and raises awareness about the problem of plastic litter. Take you photos at home, in the garden or on a walk, and then choose the best one to enter.

    It will need a title and a short description of why you think it is a good photo to help raise awareness of the problem of plastic in our environment (no more than 100 words).

  • Article
    Can you write an attention-grabbing report on the dangers of plastic pollution and the need to reduce plastic waste?

    A good entry will think about a plastic waste issue local to you, maybe in your own home and link it to the global problem of plastics in the ocean. You will need to do some investigation e.g. finding out how much plastic waste you create in a day or finding some facts online. A good report will also offer some solutions to the problem – maybe you will come up with an idea that will one day help the world! You must write no more than 1000 words and you can include your own photos or illustrations.

 Download YRE at Home factsheet

Where possible upload your work to social media and let us know. Tag us on Twitter @YREWales @YREInt @EcoSchoolsWales @Keep_Wales_Tidy and on Instagram @ecoschooslwales @keepwalestidy and use the following hashtags #YREstayshome #YoungReporters #LitterLessCampaign in any social media post.

Send your entries for the YRE competition to [email protected] letting us know your name, age and school.

Deadline date for entries as 26 February 2021.

Any work will be entered into the YRE Wales competition with the chance to a school litter picking kit (which includes pickers, hoops, gloves and other goodies!) 


All research and activities must be within Government recommendations and guidelines  for example:

  • Desk based and online research
  • Interviews carried out over the telephone, video call or face to face with people living in the same house. (Many video call apps offer the ability to record which could be inserted into film)
  • Online surveys
  • Indoor Photography – check out the YRE Webinar to gain ideas for indoor photography
  • Outdoor activities, such as photography or film could take place either on your own or with a member of the same household in the local community as part of your daily exercise

Here are some links to recent news stories which may help initiate thoughts and ideas.

Check out the YRE webinars on subjects like ‘How to write a successful story’, ‘Indoor photography’, ‘Podcasting is the new sexy.’

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