#YREstayshome challenge

Coronavirus has impacted on our lives and the environment in many ways, both positively and negatively.

Part 1

You will use a variety of information to research how coronavirus and the change to our daily lives has affected litter in your local area. Things you may want to think about include

  • Are the effects positive, negative or is it just different types of litter?
  • How has your local authority dealt with litter and waste during the coronavirus pandemic?
  • Have you seen any behaviour change on waste and litter within your family or local community?
  • Will any change in behaviour be permanent or temporary? Suggest possible solutions to the problems we face now and in the future.

Part 2

Once you have conducted your research your challenge will be to raise awareness of the impact coronavirus has had on litter and the environment - either:

  • Create a blog or written report in a journalistic style of no more than 1000 words
  • Create and upload to social media, a short film max 3 mins 
  • Create a series of 3-5 photographs - Attach a short description of no more than 50 words introduction to explain the link and a short caption under each of the photos (20 words max).

Where possible upload your work to social media and let us know. Tag us on Twitter @YREWales @YREInt @EcoSchoolsWales @Keep_Wales_Tidy and on Instagram @ecoschooslwales @keepwalestidy  and use the following hashtags #YREstayshome #YoungReporters #LitterLess in any social media post and send your entries for the YRE competition to [email protected] letting us know your name, age and school.

Any work will be entered into the YRE Wales competition with the chance to win £100 don’t forget the deadline has been extended to Friday 12 June.


All research and activities must be within Government recommendations and guidelines https://gov.wales/coronavirus-covid-19:  for example:

  • Desk based and online research
  • Interviews carried out over the telephone, video call or face to face with people living in the same house. (Many video call apps offer the ability to record which could be inserted into film)
  • Online surveys
  • Indoor Photography – check out the YRE Webinar to gain ideas for indoor photography https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=3390s&v=v1LZv0kxXSU
  • Outdoor activities, such as photography or film could take place either on your own or with a member of the same household in the local community as part of your daily exercise

Here are some links to recent news stories which may help initiate thoughts and ideas.

Check out the YRE webinars https://www.yre.global/webinars on subjects like ‘How to write a successful story’, ‘Indoor photography’, ‘Podcasting is the new sexy.’

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