Water pollution is a big problem in Wales. Yellow Fish helps by raising awareness about the sources of pollution and the quality of water in your local streams, rivers, lakes or ponds.

Yellow Fish is an educational activity highlighting the damage caused by pouring oils, paints, solvents, chemicals or dirty water down highway gullies or surface drains. These drains will ultimately enter watercourses and pouring waste liquids down drains can seriously affect your local environment.

Yellow Fish is very simple. Volunteers mark drains using the Yellow Fish stencil and awareness is raised locally by distributing leaflets and putting up posters.

Previously funded by Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales (NRW), Yellow Fish has been delivered in Wales by Keep Wales Tidy since 2012 in areas where awareness of water quality is needed. Currently, we are delivering activities in Abergavenny, funded by Tesco Bags of Help, and in Torfaen, funded by NRW and Morrisons Foundation.

Pysgodyn Melyn