Everything around us has come from the same place - planet earth.

Our world provides all the ingredients and the raw materials for producing all the things we wear, eat, play with, cook with, package our things in…everything! Making things from scratch uses a lot of energy and the processes can also be harmful to the planet and all that lives here, not to mention the fact that the planet only has so much raw materials, that will eventually run out. There’s also the issue of what we do with these things after they’ve stopped being useful to us.

A Wales with a more Circular Economy means that all this ‘stuff’ will have a much longer lifespan and we move away from a ‘single-use’ or ‘disposable’ culture and look to extend the lifetime of all the things that we own. In a more Circular Economy, it will be easier to reuse and repair items before eventually being able to recycle them into something useful.

This document, produced by the Welsh Government, helps to explain in more detail.

English version

Welsh version


Some useful links and resources related to Circular Economy

Repair Café Wales events are where members of the public bring their damaged or broken household items for repair/advice. Typical items include electrical goods, technology, ornaments, clothes, bicycles for basic maintenance & guidance, jewellery and more! The repair café volunteers then attempt to repair the items. The visitors are encouraged to join in and learn how their item is being fixed so that they can attempt similar repair in the future. More information about the project and events can be found on the website https://repaircafewales.org/

  • Sustainable Clothing and Textiles Cymru is a brand new network of organisations committed to tackling textile waste in Wales. You can follow their Instagram feed for developments.SCT.Cymru (@sctcymru)
  • SwopItUp is an organisation run for teens, by teens, which works within secondary schools to help bring a fun and unique way to tackle climate change and fast fashion.https://www.swopitup.org/
  • Busting the Myths – period! Is a resource created by Keep Wales Tidy with useful information about reusable menstruation products. 
    Busting the Myths -period! English version Busting the Myths - period! Welsh version 
    Alupro, The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation are delighted to announce their (KS2) free education resources are now available bilingually. Launched with a new exciting competition with prizes for the winning Pupil and their School. For further information please click here for the English resources here or for the Welsh version click here.


Be inspired

Here are just a few examples of what Eco-Schools across Wales have been up to recently linked to Circular Economy and consumption and waste issues.

  • A number of broken or unwanted bikes from the local community were rescued from a rusty fate thanks to the learners at The Innovate Project, Caerphilly Youth Service, who gained a wealth of skills from the project. 
  • Ysgol Carreg Emlyn, Denbighshire are a great example of how a school is well placed within the community for recycling the items that are not so easy to recycle at the kerbside. 
  • There’s no need to go to the shop when your shampoo is about to run out if you go to Ysgol Gwynedd, Flintshire! You can just top up during the school run at their brilliant soap refill station, managed by the Eco-Committee!


And finally, we came across this fantastic article which highlights the power of young voices in the fight against plastic consumption, and had to share with you!

Beth yw Economi Gylchol?