How it works

Applications for the Tidy Wales Awards 2017 are open until midday on 16 October.

All Tidy Wales Award applications will be subject to a preliminary assessment by the Keep Wales Tidy judging panel.

Entries will be shortlisted from the information provided in the application form. Three finalists for each category will then be selected by an external judging panel and announced in November 2017.

All finalists will be invited to attend the Tidy Wales Awards ceremony in Cardiff on 20 November where the winner of each category will be announced.

The Station Awards (Wales’ Best Staffed Station and Wales’ Best Unstaffed Station) are not judged by application but by a public vote. To vote for your favourite station visit the Arriva Trains Wales website

The Tidy Wales Awards winners will be selected based on assessment against the corresponding criteria.

The categories

The Tidy Wales Award categories are:

The criteria

ALL of the nominations must address the criteria set out below. Applications must be based on activities that took place between April 2016 and September 2017.

Evidence of environmental improvement

  • Which area was selected and why?
  • Information on the amount of litter/dog fouling/graffiti/invasive species/other removed or the amount of waste reused/recycled/diverted from landfill
  • Green Key Award applicants - please include information on all environmental savings e.g. water, energy, reduction in use of chemicals, and other environmental improvements
  • Evidence of any preventative measures and other environmental improvements made (e.g. recycling, habitat and access improvements) must also be supplied.
  • Evidence of the range of activities carried out during the past year.
  • Evidence of the number of activities carried out during the past year.

Where possible, provide ‘before and after’ photographic evidence. This should be sent to [email protected]

People involved

  • Number of participants involved e.g. volunteers, children
  • Number of different partners e.g. groups, clubs, organisations and their level of involvement.

Community benefit

  • Benefit to the wider community from the project e.g. long-term or ‘knock-on’ effects
  • Feedback from local community
  • Demonstration of how the project has brought the community together, increased community spirit etc
  • Demonstration of how the work has increased the skills/confidence of the participants
  • Demonstration of how the work has improved the health and wellbeing of participants.

Project duration

  • Timescale of project from planning stage through to action
  • Demonstration of long-term/ ongoing improvements e.g. the frequency of your clean-ups.

When completing the application form, each entry should also provide additional information to show how they meet the specific requirements of the category they are applying for.


To apply for the Tidy Wales Awards 2017, just complete this simple application form

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