Chewing gum bucket and spade

Have fun at the beach and build some sandcastles with our bucket and spade set

Our bucket and spades are a world first as they are made entirely from recycled chewing gum!

Chewing gum litter is a sticking issue that isn’t going away. Thousands of pieces of chewing gum are irresponsibly dropped on streets in Wales each day with gum staining present on almost three quarters of our streets, according to our “How Clean Are Our Streets?” report.

Working with Gumdrop Ltd, who are the first company in the world to recycle and process chewing gum we’ve designed branded bucket and spades sets entirely made from the recycled gum material Gum-tec®.

Purchasing these beach sets will not only help to tackle litter on Wales’ streets but will use materials that would normally be seen as waste and turning it into something useful. 

Each set will come with a “The Great Nurdle Hunt” leaflet which encourages beach goers to take action against marine plastics when visiting the coast. The Great Nurdle Hunt is project run by the Scottish environmental charity FIDRA and aims to end further industrial plastic pellet or 'nurdle' pollution in our seas.

Product dimensions
Bucket -
143mm x 148mm
Spade  -
258mm x 70mm

Material colour may vary