We can’t do this alone…

Support from our strategic partners enables us to continue delivering key programmes and projects across Wales that help bring people together, change behaviour and improve our environment.

Learning technology company Aspire 2Be aim to make a real difference through the development of innovative solutions, creative products and intelligent work, across Education, Sport and Business. The company is an independent provider of CPD and the only learning technology company in the UK who is a professional partner of Google, Microsoft and Apple.

We’ve partnered with Aspire 2Be to create a range of bespoke resources designed to inspire young people taking part in our education programmes.

Find out more about Aspire 2Be

The long-term vision at Brecon Carreg is a commitment to care for nature and their community, preparing for the future. In addition to this, Brecon Carreg’s ‘Source of Change’ sustainable packaging strategy 2025 is an ambitious plan to become fully circular and contribute to the health of the environment and people.

We’re proud to be working in partnership with Brecon Carreg to carry out hedgerow improvements and tackle marine litter by cleaning up beaches and rivers.

Read Brecon Carreg’s sustainability report

Read more about Source of Change Packaging Strategy 2025

Coca-Cola are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their bottles and cans and are leading the way in developing new ways of recovering and recycling their packaging.

We’re working in partnership with Coca-Cola to trial new campaigns aimed at reducing the amount of litter in our waterways and encouraging on-the-go recycling at our beaches. 

Find out more about Coca-Cola’s ambition for a sustainable future

Helping Hand Environmental are a UK manufacturer of sustainable litter clearance hand tools.

A working campaign partner to Keep Wales Tidy since 2009 - they offer a unique and personal service ensuring every customer has the correct tools for their task and budget.

For every item of litter picking equipment ordered through Helping Hand, they will donate a percentage of each sale back to Keep Wales Tidy so we can continue to support volunteers caring for their communities.

Find out more about Helping Hand Environmental

Pobl is a not for profit group offering homes and support that make a real difference.

We’re working with people living in Blaenymaes, Potmead and Penplas, Swansea, to improve the quality and access to green spaces for the whole community. This will include reducing litter and fly-tipping, tidying up streets and green spaces, and planting new trees across the area.

Redrow’s philosophy is to build a better way for its customers to live. It does this by creating thriving communities, building responsibly and valuing people.

Through our partnership with Redrow, we’re establishing a sustainable tree nursery at Plasdŵr, Cardiff and engaging the local community in a range of activities that are making a positive difference to the environment.

Find out more about Redrow’s approach to sustainability

We work with other businesses and organisations on a range of projects and initiatives. From promoting reusable coffee cups to reinvesting the proceeds of the carrier bag charge back into the environment. Find out more in the business support section. 

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