Keep Wales Tidy is launching an exciting project to help keep Wales’ roadsides clean by turning old fabric into car bins. Working with Cardiff-based creative, Lisa Broom, who set up her craft company ‘Monkeys and Mess’ in 2015, fabrics from Keep Wales Tidy programmes such as the Wales Coast Awards, Eco Schools and Green Flag for Parks will be transformed into small, waterproof bins which can also be used for extra storage.

Litter on our roads, thrown from cars or accumulated from vehicles, is a blight on our otherwise beautiful landscape in Wales. Roadside litter is difficult and often dangerous to clear, and represents a significant cost to the taxpayer. The estimated cost of collecting and disposing of the litter is around £3.5 million a year. However, this figure does not include the additional economic impact of road closures and traffic congestion – both inevitable results of trying to clean-up these areas.

As part of the Keep Wales Tidy’s Tackling Litter on our Roads report, 90% of those surveyed said they thought that plastic drinks bottles are the most common litter type found on our roadsides, followed closely by fast food packaging (85%). By binning the drinks bottles and food packages in cars, to dispose or recycle at home, Keep Wales Tidy hope to see less litter along the roads as well as cleaner cars!

Purchasing one of these handmade car bins will not only help to tackle litter on Wales’ roads, but will be helping the Welsh economy and ensuring old material is made into something useful.

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