We’ve released our latest All Wales Report - ‘How Clean Are Our Streets?’- an independent report, funded by Welsh Government, which provides a ‘snapshot’ of litter and other local environmental quality issues.

The headlines from the All Wales Report 2016-17 include:

  • Dog fouling recorded on 8.9% of streets – the lowest figure to date
  • Smoking-related litter recorded on 80.2% of streets – the lowest figure to date
  • Drinks, confectionery and fast food litter have all decreased.
  • More litter comes from pedestrians than from anywhere else - 88.4% of streets
  • Domestic litter was recorded on 63.5% of streets

The report also highlights both the direct and indirect costs poor local environmental quality.

Jemma Bere, Policy and Research Manager said

We know a good quality environment matters to people and the benefits can have a big impact on our communities, health and well-being and economy.

This year’s report shows some promising results around some of our country’s biggest litter issues. But even though progress is being made, litter remains a real and persistent problem for many communities.

It doesn’t have to be this way – all litter is avoidable!  We need to realise the value of waste and the harm that it does when it’s irresponsibly littered. We can all play that small but significant part in caring for our environment.

The report is being launched at a national forum of local authority stakeholders which will discuss the challenges and solutions to some of the issues raised  in the report.

The full report ‘How Clean Are Our Streets?’ can be found here

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