We’re excited to announce that we still have a handful of free garden packages to give away!

Thanks to Local Places for Nature, we’re able to help communities in areas prone to flooding.

Our free sustainable drainage garden includes trees, special raised beds, and wildflower turf – all designed to help catch rainwater and slow the rate it enters sewers and rivers. That’s why we’re calling it a rainwater garden!

12 sustainable drainage packages have already been given away to communities.

If you’ve noticed lots of surface water, localised flooding or boggy ground in your community, apply for a sustainable drainage garden today. Applying is quick and easy; but hurry, the deadline for applications is 30 September.

Apply now for a free sustainable drainage garden

Watch our short video to find out more sustainable drainage and see the specially designed raised beds in action.

Need further details? Just get in touch with our Local Places for Nature team at [email protected] 

Local Places for Nature is part of a wider £5m Welsh fund committed to acquiring, restoring and enhancing nature ‘on your doorstep’. A handful of other garden packages are still available. Find out more about Local Places for Nature

Nifer fach o erddi dŵr glaw i’w cynnig!