Epicollect5 is a free website and mobile app that enables community groups and individual volunteers to log their clean-ups quickly and easily. Our new Litter Picking Hubs are also making use of Epicollect5 to show where the borrowed equipment is being used. 

Epicollect5 was originally developed at Imperial College London to help professional researchers and ‘citizen scientists’ gather data in the field. The free data collection platform, funded by the Wellcome Trust Foundation, has been used in a diverse range of projects – from studying the spread of diseases and cataloguing archaeological sites, to monitoring rare species of animals and plants. 

The real-time data collected through Epicollect5 will be transformed into maps and shared on our website and social media – helping to highlight how the efforts of individuals and groups contribute to the ‘bigger picture’. Data will help to show where groups are active around Wales, where regular litter-picks take place, and help identify where no activity taking place which will help us prioritise actions.  

Users will also be able to access their own information at any time to support their own grant applications, or just have a consistent and reliable history of their activity to share with their local community, policy makers, funders and planners. 

Louise Tambini, Deputy Chief Executive for Keep Wales Tidy said:

We’re always looking for ways of making life as easy as possible for our volunteers, staff and partners. Reducing the time spent on reporting is an important part of this and we’re sure Epicollect5 will make a real difference.  It also enables us to map activity spatially for the first time. 

We’d like thank our Litter Champions, community groups and Hub Managers for their ongoing commitment and enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you all on our maps!

Sue from Celtic Horizons Litter Pickers in Newport was one of the first volunteers to try the Epicollect5 app:

We find the app easy to use to log litter picking results and for highlighting issues like fly-tipping and drug related litter with Keep Wales Tidy. It’s also great for storing details of your litter picks – where, when, how much was collected – and provide a visual representation of the quantity and locations for group feedback.

You can choose whether to record results of your pick on location via the app, or to upload them later via the website. Both are easy to do once you get going with it.


Epicollect5 is available on Android and Apple devices.


Are you interested in using Epicollect5? Our GIS and Data Officer Alex Makovics can guide you through the system step-by-step. We’ve also created some handy video tutorials.

How to use the Epicollect5 app

How to use the Epicollect5 website

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