Tour operators offering boating activities such as diving, wildlife watching, recreational fishing and charter trips have the opportunity to fly the coveted Blue Flag. Keep Wales Tidy, one of Wales’ leading environmental charities, is looking for 10 businesses to register their interest in this great new opportunity.

The award is open to motorised boat operators that have environmental sustainability at the heart of their operations. The award not only encourages best practice from boat operators but ensures the public are also informed about the steps necessary to maintain this fragile eco system.

Register your business now and Keep Wales Tidy can offer a one-time-only discount of £50 off the usual application fee.

Cynde McInnis, co- chair of the World cetacean Alliance said:

The Blue Flag programme offers a global standard which boat operators around the world should strive to achieve to maintain a healthy ocean – for animals and humans alike.

Over the last three years, Blue Flag International has worked on the expansion of its award to acknowledge sustainable boating operators. By inviting expertise and contribution from relevant stakeholders Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) have ensured that the criteria reflect the excellent standard required by Blue Flag.  

Tom Ashwell, Ribride Adventure Boat Tours, said:

We’re really excited to be part of this new award and help set a high standard for boat tour operators throughout Wales. It has made us examine and improve upon our operating practises and also help dispel the image that RIBS (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are the noisy thugs of the seas, we observe wildlife responsibly without disturbing it.

Keep Wales Tidy is the National Operator for programmes run by FEE, the Foundation for Environmental Education, these include Green Key and Eco Schools.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 01646 694800