Discover how Green Key accreditation is helping Adcote House in Llandudno set themselves apart from the competition.


Adcote House is a four-star guest house in Llandudno, owned by Diane and Michael Dean.

When developing their business, Diane and Michael’s aims were to deliver great service while being as sustainable as possible and being part of and contributing to the local economy.

Since first achieving Green Key accreditation in 2016, their business has developed into one of the most highly rated in Llandudno and one of north Wales’ recognised ‘green’ establishments, sought out by guests around the world.

Read on for Diane and Michael's thoughts on Green Key, their progress and future plans.


We work hard to deliver not only a successful and popular guest house, but one which operates sustainably and profitably – and in keeping with the ethos of Green Key, one which demonstrates and educates its staff and guests on its green activities.

Underpinning these aims are a regularly reviewed and updated Green Policy and Action Plan. The Policy lays out how the business operates, while the Action Plan sets a series of targets.

Key achievements during Adcote House’s Green Key journey to-date include:

  • Featuring more local produce
  • Sourcing room supplies locally
  • Changing all low energy light bulbs to LED as part of an ongoing programme
  • Regularly monitoring energy, resulting in a 50% fall in the business’ carbon footprint
  • Eco-friendly cleaning has been extended, from sanitisers to toilet cleaners to regular cleaning requirements and recycled toilet tissue
  • Recycling has continued to be a focus for the business.


There is no doubt that our involvement with sustainability, and particularly in Green Key, has had an impact in both the hospitality trade, and indeed the wider community within Llandudno and the surrounding Conwy area. It has heightened awareness of how even small businesses can deliver on green tourism, from our being consulted by suppliers and producers on a range of sustainability issues to encouraging other tourism businesses to consider Green Key.

Future Goals

Within the existing business, we aim to continue build on our success while also highlighting more green and sustainable opportunities as we undertake refurbishments and new work.

Examples of these activities include:

  • Replacing older, convector-style wall heaters with efficient radiant heaters to deliver better heating and minimise their footprint
  • Developing more intelligent solutions to heating and lighting, introducing new, energy efficient equipment on a rolling basis
  • Using eco-friendly materials as part of refurbishments, as well as contributing wherever possible to the local economy through suppliers and workers
  • Encouraging more guest engagement on sustainability issues, encouraging guests to use their cars less during their stay, as well as looking at offering special discounts to those using public transport.

Supporting and guiding Diane and Mike on this path has been their participation in the Green Key scheme. They were the first establishment in North Wales to achieve the award, run in Wales by Keep Wales Tidy.

Green Key is not just a visible recognition of achievements and aspirations – although many guests from around the world actively seek it out – it is a network that provides support, ideas, good practice and contacts that help make Adcote House a better business.

Green Key also helps to distinguish Adcote House from competitors in both domestic and international markets where many guests increasingly want to see more than just lip-service paid to sustainability and green issues, but practical examples they can experience at first hand.

To find out more about Green Key visit or contact the Green Key Team at [email protected] 


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