It’s been a busy time for our Eco-Schools, with all sorts of activities taking place to tackle litter – one of eight topics in the Eco-Schools programme designed to empower and inspire young people to make positive environmental changes.

  • Young people across Wales took part in our recent Spring Clean Cymru campaign, helping to make a positive difference in their community by organising clean-up events and acting as fantastic role models.
  • Several Eco-Schools are taking part in a “Litter Less” project, investigating ways to reduce litter in and around their school grounds.
  • More than 100 students attended the recent Senior Eco-Committee to learn about the cost of littering, both financially and to our environment. They shared their opinions on the issues and provided ideas for a brand new ‘litter toolkit’ – a resource that Keep Wales Tidy is producing for all schools in Wales.

Litter has a visual impact, so it’s easy to see how a playground full of crisp packets, drinks containers and chocolate bar wrappers can give a bad impression of the whole school. 

We’re now calling on all our Eco-Schools to investigate their own grounds and buildings. Where does the litter come from in the school? Do staff and students create it? Do people bring it in? How can things be improved? Has the school got a litter policy?

Every year, Eco-Schools complete an Environmental Review which includes a section dedicated to litter. We’re encouraging all our Eco-Schools to take a look at the Review and consider how they’re doing.

By carrying out regular litter surveys and making sure the grounds are rubbish free, both students and the local community will quickly notice improvements in the school’s appearance and image, as well as boosting people’s sense of pride and responsibility.   

We’re asking all Eco-Schools in Wales to tell us about the great work taking place – we want to share their stories with our international family!

So, are you an Eco-Schools that’s run a litter campaign? How did you get people involved? What difference did you make? Please share your activities on Twitter @EcoSchoolsWales or contact Julie Giles

For more information on litter please contact your local Education Officer at Keep Wales Tidy 

Get in touch with your local authority to investigate the support they can offer.

And visit the sites below:

 Ysbrydoliaeth Eco-Sgolion Cymru: Sbwriel