This year we are asking our Primary Eco-Schools in Wales to raise the profile of the great enterprising Eco work you already do  - or intend to do soon.

Has your school been involved any Eco enterprising activities? Why don’t you shout about it and enter the Enterprise Trooper Annual competition?

You can also present this work as Eco-Schools evidence and include it on your action plan.

  • Have you, or are you thinking about, producing anything from your school garden?
  • Have you designed products and sold them at your school fayre?
  • Have you invented any fantastic products to help the school environment?

If you have, take a look at the Enterprise Troopers website and register an entry for this year’s competition.

The deadline for on-line entries to this year's competition is 11 May 2018

All schools need to do is:

  1. Go to and click ENTER NOW to register their school's interest.
  2. They will receive log-in details so that they can come back & forth to the on-line form to add/amend their text telling us about their activity. Just a few paragraphs.
  3. By May 11th they SUBMIT their entry on-line with a few photos.


Good luck!

Galw pob Eco-Sgolion cynradd yng Nghymru