Create a small garden filled with trees and bushes that will provide fruit for your local community to grow, harvest and enjoy.

We’ll provide you with all the materials, tool and guidance you’ll need to ‘grow your own’.

The package will include:

  • Three fruit trees and guards
  • Ten soft fruit bushes
  • Ten herbs
  • 250g of wildflower seed mix
  • Raised bed made from recycled plastic (1.2m x 1.4m)
  • Peat-free compost and topsoil
  • Netting/rabbit proof fencing
  • Hand tools

There’ll even be a small amount of Keep Wales Tidy project officer support available to help you.

The minimum area required for this package is 40 square metres. The variety of trees, bushes and herbs supplied will depend on the season and availability.

Please make sure you read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) before applying.

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Although it’s a simple application process, there’s only a short window to apply and get projects underway. The deadlines for each application round are:

6 March, 27 March and 17 April

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