What is a sustainable drainage system? It’s a way of using nature to catch rainwater and slow the rate it enters our sewers and river network.

We’re looking to work with communities in areas prone to localised flooding. We want to transform paved or hard surfaces into green spaces that will reduce surface water runoff and boost biodiversity.

The package will include:

  • Two SuDS specific planters (1.6m x 0.6m). This will require a building with down pipes.
  • Two raised bed made of wooden sleepers (approximately 2.4m x 10m each)
  • Native tree pack (105 trees)
  • Five apple trees
  • 20m2 of wildflower turf (SuDS specific)
  • Variety of hand tools to install and maintain garden.

Content of packages may be subject to change

We’ll help you identify problem areas and provide practical support with planting. 

The minimum area required for this package is 290 square metres.

This is a large-scale project, so please make sure you read our guidance carefully before applying.

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