Unfortunately, many of our hubs are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Hubs that remain open won’t be lending equipment to groups at this time.

The equipment stored at these locations includes litter pickers, hoops, hi-vis vests and bin bags. The kit also contains all necessary health and safety guidance. Before loaning any equipment, you must complete a Litter Picking Loan Agreement and a Risk Assessment provided by your local Hub and further guidance documents available here.

It is the borrower’s responsibility to return the loaned items by date agreed, in their original condition. Any breakages or losses may need to be paid for and borrowers are expected to notify the lender of any theft, loss or damage as soon as possible to reduce the risk of disruption to other borrowers.

The equipment is loaned free of charge and is funded by Welsh Government.

Find your local litter picking hub

This new map will be updated as hubs are set up.

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