We’re delighted to be working with Green Goblet Ltd, the largest UK based supplier of reusable and recyclable cups.

They specialise in providing reusable branded cups and washing service – perfect for stadiums, festivals and sporting events.

Used by organisations across the UK, Green Cups can keep costs down and dependency on single use plastic cups to a minimum!

Disposable plastic can take over 500 years to degrade and not only that, it causes contamination in our water systems which threatens marine life, enters our food chains effecting human health.

By using reusable cups, it will stop thousands of tonnes of disposable plastic going into landfill.

Green Goblet hope that everyone will see that it is important for every person to play their part in making our planet more environmentally friendly. The event goer will also have the benefit of being able to drink out of a more rigid cup that will save spillages whilst also having the opportunity to take the cup home as a useful souvenir at the end of the day.

By using Green Goblet products, you will also be supporting Keep Wales Tidy and the work of dedicated volunteers across the country who are working to improve their local environment.

If you are keen to hear more about Green Goblet products and how they can work for your company or event, please contact [email protected]