Spring Clean Cymru 2021: pledge to pick (households, schools, community groups)

Everyone can join in with Spring Clean Cymru (28 May – 13 June). You can simply register your support by pledging on this page and telling us how many minutes you are going to give to the campaign. You could pick up litter while walking the dog or on the walk to school.

Formal community groups who have their own insurance are welcome to register for Spring Clean Cymru, but this year we are not able to insure other groups to participate. If you are not part of a formal group, then you need to register as either an individual or your household.

All clean-ups are private, so we won’t be making any details public. We will only keep these details for 21 days after the end of Spring Clean Cymru on 13 June in line with our published Privacy Policy.

About you

About your clean-up

How much time are you pledging in total?

As part of Caru Cymru, we’ve linked up with Cardiff University on a research project to find out more about people’s motivations for taking part in Spring Clean Cymru. Would you be willing to take part in a short survey?

Your privacy

We value your support and are committed to protecting your privacy. You’re always in control. For more information visit our Privacy Policy - www.keepwalestidy.cymru/privacy-policy

If you have any questions about Spring Clean Cymru, you can get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected]