School grounds are an important asset to any school. Managed and used properly, the site your school occupies can become not just a playground, but a rich source of teaching and learning opportunities covering topics ranging from art and history to sustainable development, food growing and biodiversity. 

Developing your grounds can offer huge benefits, not only for the people inside the school, but also for the wider community. The area can provide opportunities for parents and community members to get involved and contribute their time and skills. 

The Eco-Schools objectives in this topic area are to: 

  • Encourage the use of school grounds as a tool for learning and teaching opportunities across the curriculum and whole school community
  • Encourage schools to use areas for gardening and food growing
  • Provide schools with suggestions for creating habitats which will enhance the biodiversity of school grounds
  • Encourage schools to look upon their grounds as a place for pupils to gain aesthetic experiences through play and learning
  • Ensure that the school grounds provide recreational and exercise facilities
  • Raise awareness that the school grounds create the first impression to visitors and the local community

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