Did you know that if everyone around the World lived like we do in the United Kingdom, we would need almost three planet Earth’s to support us! This means to provide the food, resources, oxygen, clean water and other things that our way of living demands.

Clearly this is not a sustainable way to live and is leading to huge challenges across the World that we all need to come together to overcome. Everything that we do, buy and eat has an impact; some much bigger than others. We’d therefore love you to join us in celebrating our Wonderful World and joining us, wherever you live, for a One Planet Picnic.


What is a One Planet Picnic?

A One Planet Picnic is a picnic that’s good for you and our planet. We are encouraging you to use as many ingredients as possible that are local and seasonal, organically grown or ethical (Fairtrade, sustainably grown or sourced)  whilst also making sure you minimise your food waste and packaging.


Who can we have a One Planet Picnic with? 

Anyone! You could have one with your class in school, your family, your friends, your colleagues or just by yourself. Whoever you have your picnic with, make sure to follow the government guidance on social distancing and staying Covid safe.


When can we have a One Planet Picnic?

We’re having a One Planet Picnic day, in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful, on the 16 June 2021. You don’t have to join us on this day though, any day (or even every day) can be a One Planet Picnic day!


How can we plan for a One Planet Picnic?

  • Use a refillable water bottle for your drink (16 June is also World Refill Day World Refill Day | Refill | Join the Refill Revolution, 16 June 2021)
  • Use a lunch box, wax wrap or other multi use packaging to store your food
  • Try to avoid any single use packaging.
  • Think about the food you are eating, can you plan for more than four colours?
  • Plan your meal, can you use food locally sourced and in season? Use this list of seasonal products to help you plan.
  • Try and choose organic if you are able as this ensures that artificial fertilisers, pesticides and additives are avoided. It also ensures wildlife is encouraged on the organic farm.
  • How much will you eat? Think about what you really want and try not to have lots of leftovers that will waste.
  • Try and avoid processed foods as the ingredients could come from anywhere and could be linked to deforestation or damaging farming practices.
  • Try and choose foods with a low carbon footprint, so maybe a little less meat and a little more plant based foods.

Here’s some useful logos to look out for when you are choosing your food: 


Sharing your picnic

We’d love to hear all about how your picnic goes, what delicious food you have, any exciting places you choose to picnic and especially your top tip One Planet recipes. You can share with us using #OnePlanetPicnic on social media or email us on [email protected]

Picnic Un Blaned

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