Water is a crucial aspect of our lives. We use it not just for drinking and washing but also for industry, agriculture and making almost any kind of product, from hamburgers and tin cans to newspapers and cars.

Our demand for water has grown to the point that the natural water cycle can no longer keep up. Pollution – mainly caused by sewage leaks, chemical discharges and agricultural runoff – has made clean water a rare and valuable commodity. 

Water can become a fascinating topic for pupils. By research and investigation pupils will realise the importance of water and what it really means to people and for our planet.  It will also enable them to discover the true cost of water use at school and at home.  

The Eco-Schools objectives in this topic area are to:

  • Raise awareness that simple actions can cut down water use substantially
  • Help pupils and the wider community understand the importance of conserving water
  • Encourage monitoring of water consumption within the school and beyond
  • Show pupils the link between water use and financial cost – and how it impacts on home as well as school life
  • Raise awareness about the link between clean water and good health globally
  • Raise awareness of water issues around the world

Water Environmental Review