Schools have a crucial role to play in promoting the health and well-being of young people and shaping the attitudes and behaviours that affect it.  Good health and well-being at an early age not only helps to avoid future health problems such as obesity and heart disease, it can also improve a pupil’s ability to learn. Choices made regarding health and well-being can also have a direct impact on the environment, from the global impact of production of food types such as palm oil, sugar and meat products through to the choice of cleaning products used in the school. 

Eco-Schools Objectives

  • The Eco-Schools objectives in this topic area are to:
  • to raise awareness of how health issues impact on the environment and vice versa
  • to encourage schools to put into place a sustainable plan for being a healthy school
  • to demonstrate that a healthy school is one that looks holistically at issues of exercise, diet, well-being and the aesthetic quality of the school and its grounds, bullying and the risks associated with sex, smoking, drugs and air pollution.

Menstruation products

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