The Eco-Schools programme is funded by Welsh Government and free for Local Authority schools, but Independent Schools are required to contribute towards the support they receive. If you are an independent school please contact [email protected]

There are three levels to the internationally recognised Eco-Schools award scheme.


The Bronze Award is self-assessed and focuses on getting the Eco-Schools process set up so a school has everything in place to tackle the eco work that they have planned!


The Silver Award is self-assessed and builds on the Eco-Schools process established in the Bronze Award. Work at this stage must show evidence of progression towards the Green Flag.

Green Flag   

Unlike Bronze and Silver awards, the Green Flag is not self-assessed. The school will complete an application form and an Eco-Schools Assessor will visit your school to check whether you’ve met the criteria. In order to keep Green Flag status, schools will be required to renew their award every two years.

Schools achieve Platinum status once they have been awarded the Green Flag four times – demonstrating their long-term commitment to environmental education, student involvement and sustainability. Our Platinum schools are ranked amongst the best in the world on the Eco-Schools programme.

Criteria Checklist


If you currently have three green flags and are preparing to go for your platinum award, it is the same process as with previous green flags but with some additional criteria to consider. 

Platinum Eco-School Criteria

For more information or support with the application process, please contact your local Eco-Schools Officer who will be happy to help. 

Each year we set some challenges for Platinum Schools to get involved in if you wish. These are not compulsory and are designed to give you some fresh inspiration for where you could take your Eco-Schools journey.

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