Although recycling rates in Wales have improved significantly and are on target, we live in a time when much of what we produce is considered as waste, and the waste that we produce is considered as being of no or little value. Beverage containers are one example of discarded resources which are having a huge detrimental impact on our local environment, our waterways, rivers and wildlife.

Unlike other sources of litter, the vast majority of drink related litter is recyclable yet it is estimated that 38 million plastic bottles end up in landfill every day in the UK!

Keep Wales Tidy carried out two surveys during the Be Tidy campaign in September 2015. One survey was designed to collect information from community groups who are working to tackle litter across Wales and required them to count the amount of drink related litter collected. The other survey was sent out over social media to the general public in order to gauge people’s perceptions of drink-related litter across Wales.

The results of this report and some of the solutions considered for tackling this issue can be  found here

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