Along with beaches and marinas, tourism boating operators educating visitors about their local environment or offering activities such as diving, wildlife watching, recreational fishing and charter trips have the opportunity to fly the coveted Blue Flag.

Due to the growing interest in marine tourism, operators around the world are facing increasing pressure to make sure good practice and environmental education are in place. Blue Flag criteria helps operators meet these standards and promotes sustainable activity to customers who are becoming more and more aware of their environmental responsibilities.

Supporters of the award include the World Cetacean Alliance who recently announced a partnership with Blue Flag International.

Who can apply for the award?

The award is open to motorised boat operators that have environmental sustainability at the heart of their operations. The award not only encourages best practice from boat operators but ensures the public are also informed about the steps necessary to protect our local environment.

The tour must be operated by a qualified captain and fulfil criteria depending on the activities they offer.

Download the full criteria and guidance notes

To apply for a Blue Flag or request more information email Keep Wales Tidy’s Coast Team on [email protected] 

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