The Blue Flag Code of Conduct encourages boat owners to think about their current practice and identify areas for improvement and inspiring others to do so.

Flying the Blue Flag signifies that you care about the planet’s oceans and waterways and are committed to environmental sustainability.

By supporting the Blue Flag Code of Conduct you are helping Keep Wales Tidy continue its valuable coastal improvement work.

Blue Flag Code of Conduct

  • I will dispose of litter responsibly and reduce and recycle where possible 
  • If using toxic materials, it will be disposed of at an appropriate facility
  • I will use efficient eco-products, where available, for boat maintenance
  • I will not release any polluting substance into the water but dispose of them responsibly (black water, paint, batteries etc.)
  • I will respect and protect animals and plants
  • I will not use any forbidden fishing practices and respect periods when fishing is prohibited
  • I will anchor responsibly and avoid damaging the sea or river bed
  • I will avoid disturbing fishery and fishing gear
  • I will remove pollution from the water when possible
  • I will not purchase or use any objects made using protected species or from archaeological underwater findings
  • I will encourage others to engage in protecting our aquatic environment and report those violating legislation and regulation

To commit to the Code of Conduct, complete this short registration form and purchase your Blue Flag pennant.

For more information, contact [email protected] or call 01646 694800

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