We’re proud to run the Blue Flag programme in Wales - a world-renowned eco-label trusted by millions around the globe.

44 Blue Flags are flying in Wales, with 40 beaches, three marinas and one boat tour operators celebrating international success.

The Blue Flag programme is owned by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), with more than 4,000 award-winning sites in nearly 50 countries. 

Why is the Blue Flag award so important? It helps set the standard high for beaches, marinas and boat tour operators. As so many communities depend on coastal tourism in Wales, the Blue Flag is a guarantee to visitors that they’ve arrived at a quality destination.

To find out more, read our report, What Blue Flag means to Wales?

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Blue Flag categories

Blue Flag started in 1987 with one beach; since then the programme has developed to include marinas and boat tour operators.

Each category has its own specific set of criteria that must be met to gain this prestigious award.

To apply for a Blue Flag or request more information email Keep Wales Tidy’s Coast Team on [email protected] 

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