Eco-Committee – Create a whole school committee with every pupil in every bubble involved. You can promote specific pupil representatives who then meet virtually or outside, socially distanced.

Environmental Review – Each class bubble undertaking one topic of the review. The only question would be who takes Energy and who takes Biodiversity!

Outdoor education is important at the best of times but even more so now. All classes will take School Grounds/Biodiversity as the reviewing area. Each class could then develop an action relating to this area. In this way, the whole school would be engaged with education outside the classroom.

Action Plan/Monitoring – Develop class-based actions. Each year group will create actions linked to the topic they reviewed, deliver them and measure and share progress.

Or if you are a school that enjoys a bit of friendly competition, why not set up whole school actions like:

  • Which class created the least waste going to incineration/landfill?
  • Which class had the least plastic waste in their packed lunches?
  • Which class spent the most time outdoors?

Then measure results to see who the most successful class is.

Linking to the Curriculum – Pupils could develop questions inspired by their action. If Year 3 are developing the School Grounds for wildlife maybe someone will come up with the question ‘What animals are endangered in Wales’? Or which log pile works the best – the one in shade or the one in sunlight, logs from an oak tree or logs from a pine tree’?

Informing and Involving – Updates could be shared virtually through power point presentations in school and via social media outside school. Why not have class based Eco-Boards, highlighting the actions undertaken.

Also, you could explore taking Eco-Actions out into pupil households. Check out the resources on Eco-Schools at Home

Eco-Code – Why not produce a class-based code and link them all together to make a whole school one. Or set a competition with different categories. Produce an Eco-Code through song, poetry, visual representation/slogan, dance or logo.

These are all just ideas and there is a real opportunity to get creative. We would love to hear your ideas on making Eco-Schools work in these current times so we can share with other schools.