Fly tipping

It’s a crime to fly tip but unfortunately the issue remains in many parts of Wales. Read more

Roadside litter

This is litter that collects on roadsides, laybys and junctions and it’s extremely hard to tackle. Read more

Dog fouling

Many responsible dog owners pick up after their dogs, but unfortunately dog fouling remains an issue in many communities. Read more

Marine litter

Keep Wales Tidy coordinates the Blue Flag Awards in Wales and works extensively with our partners to ensure a clean, green and high quality coastline and seaside Read more

Chewing gum

Considerable efforts are being made to decrease the amount of chewing gum litter on our streets Read more

Litter from the air

Balloons, sky lanterns and fireworks may look great, but they can cause big problems Read more

Air Quality

Air pollutants can come from a range of sources and can accumulate to toxic levels which can impact severely on our quality of life and our health Read more