Litter has a significant and far-reaching social, environmental, and economic impact on communities. Wales is currently the only nation in the UK not to have a Litter Strategy even though it is the most talked about ‘on the doorstep’ issue.  We believe that a prevention-focused approach is needed.

Whilst current household recycling rates have exceeded current targets, waste prevention has been largely overlooked and we believe that it is time for similarly ambitious Welsh Government targets for waste reduction overall, including plans and investment for the transition to a circular economy.

We want the next Government of Wales:

  1. To develop and implement an integrated Litter Prevention Plan for Wales which measures progress annually.
  2. To introduce waste reduction targets which will further our ambition to become a ‘Zero Waste’ nation.
  3. To continue to drive significant reduction of the consumption of single use plastics.
  4. To implement an ‘all-in’ Deposit Return Scheme designed to maximise an economic potential for Wales.
  5. To ensure that a robust mechanism for Extended Producer Responsibility is introduced to cover all single use materials until their end of life, including the cost of littering. To further ensure that all revenue is equitably distributed across devolved governments.
  6. To create a consistent approach to waste and recycling across all local authorities based on best practice and making it as easy as possible for people to do the right thing.