The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) will be celebrating Global Action Days and raising awareness of the positive action that is taking place around the world to create a more sustainable society. 

We’re a proud member of FEE and are encouraging all the businesses, schools and organisations involved in our international programmes – Green Key, Eco-Schools and Blue Flag – to get involved in the celebrations. Your hard work deserves to be showcased on a global stage.

To join in simply register your actions online, document them by taking pictures, making a video, or writing an article, join FEE’s Facebook Global Action Days group, share what you’re doing…and inspire the rest of the world!

Keep an eye on social media – especially on April 20 – as FEE will be tweeting and posting about all your positive actions #GlobalActionDays #FEEGAD

Diwrnodau Gweithredu Byd-eang