Did you know the international Eco-Schools is celebrating a special anniversary in 2019? For 25 years, the programme has empowered young people around the world to take positive action, creating a growing global sustainability movement.

Today, 52,000 schools in 68 countries are involved in the Eco-Schools programme – that’s a staggering 19 million students, who are supported by 1.4 million teachers.

To celebrate this milestone, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) want to encourage schools to voice a message to the global community about the crucial issues that matter to the youth today.

All schools need to do is film a short video message explaining what issues matter to them, what changes they’d like to see, or what positive actions they’re taking to make a difference.

Videos only need to be 15-60 seconds in length and can be filmed on a smartphone.

Entries then need to be submitted via the Eco-Schools Global website.

The best videos chosen by Eco-Schools Global will be edited and shared on the Eco-Schools Global website, social media, and part of a release of a campaign video compilation

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Mae gen i’r pwer: Ymgyrch fideo pen-blwydd Eco-Sgolion yn 25 oed